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Battlestar Galactica Lyrical Icontest

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Welcome to bsg_lyrical, the Battlestar Galactica lyrical icontest! Your modly beings are ancarett and trinnifer. The challenge is simple - make an icon using the set of lyrics given. All you have to do to participate is join!

Current Challenge: Godspell

Our affiliates are sg_lyrical, firefly_lyrical, bstg_icontest, galactic_stills and sf_incandescent

Much thanks to our founder, jacksrubberduck, who also designed our layout.

Please read the rules before participating!

1. Make new icons for the challenge. And changing or adding text to an existing icon does not make it a new icon, and sort of defeats the point. Please do not recycle icons.

2. No posting your icon *anywhere* public *(or even friends locked posts) until after the voting has closed. Doing so will be viewed as self promotion.

3. No asking friends to vote for you. Wouldn’t you rather your icon won because it deserved to? And no voting for yourself, either!

4. Play nice. I don’t want to see or hear of any flaming or nastiness. If you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say, don’t say anything at all.

5. Icons must fit LJ requirements, meaning no more than 100 x100 pixels and no bigger than 40kb in size. Animations are permitted.

6. You must be a member of the community in order to enter the challenges.

1. Challenges will be announced and started somewhere around 10 PM GMT Sundays (5 PM EST). Closing time for entries will be around 10 PM GMT Wednesdays (5 PM EST). You will have a full 10 days to make entries.

2. Enter icons by commenting to the challenge post. Try Photobucket or Village Photos for free image hosting that allows hotlinking.

3. The code for adding an image to a comment is;
<*img src="(insert image url here)"*> (remove asterisks)
You must also include your image url separately from the image itself in your comment. Your entry comment should look like this:

If there is no URL included your entry will be disqualified.

4. Entries must inclued at least three consecutive words from the lyrics of that challenge's chosen song. No rearranging the words, they must be directly quoted.

5. You may enter up to 3 icons in each challenge. Please be sure that the icons you have commented with are your final entries.

6. For the sake of the spoiler free, for the time being we will limit the use of screen caps from season 2 episodes. You may use images from season 2 episodes that have aired *everywhere* by the time the challenge closes (based on UK and Canada airdates, as season 2.5 is still in first-run status there). Permissable episodes will be noted in each week's challenge. For the current chellenge, the cut-off episode for caps is 2.19 Lay Down Your Burdens 1. Icons submitted with icons from any episodes after that will be disqualified.

1. Voting will run from Wednesday (as soon after the challenge has closed as it is possible to create the voting posts) through Sunday.

2. Vote for your three favorites plus "Best Application," which is the icon that best fits the lyric challenge.

3. Votes are counted as a tally. It does not matter what order you place the entries in when you vote.

4. You do not have to enter the challenge in order to vote. For the time being, you do not have to be a member to vote, but no anonymous votes will be counted.

5. Do not vote for yourself! Don't get your friends to vote for you either. Anyone we find doing either of the above will be shoved out an airlock.

We are always looking for new suggestions for challenges. Just drop us a line with the title, artist, and lyrics for any songs you think would make good challenges.

Lyric Suggestion Box

Any questions? Direct them to our moderators. Feel free to join and start participating at any time!