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05 January 2007 @ 04:19 pm
Challenge 28 - Lesser Things  
New year, new challenge! This week's lyrical prompt is "Lesser Things" by Jars of Clay. Thanks to carla_scribbles for the lyrics.

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NOTE: You may enter up to *THREE* icons. For this challenge, anything from the mini series up to episode 3.11 "The Eye of Jupiter" is fair game. Non-spoilery promo pics past "The Eye of Jupiter" are also allowed.

Each icon must contain at least three words *directly quoted* from the song (this means you do not pick and choose or re-arrange the words to make new sentences). These words must be readable and not teeny tiny text. Remember, we are also awarding an icon the title of 'best application' and to be eligible for that we have to be able to read what your icon says.

Deadline: Challenge 28 closes Monday, January 15 @ 10 pm GMT (5 pm EST). Please feel free to promote the challenge around!

Lesser Things by Jars of Clay

It looks a lot like givin' up
Peace we bring is a bitter cup
Set our bodies down like offerings
While we pray to the god of the lesser things

If the wind should shake this house apart
The cradle hits the ground with a broken heart
Will we say we never knew a thing?
While we pray to the god of the lesser things

Is there grace for a wayward heart?
Is there grace for a wayward heart?
Grace, grace

Ash to ash and dust to dust
Steel on steel or rain to rust
What mortal breath blood money brings
Forth from the altar of the lesser things

And finally, keep suggesting lyrical prompts for future challenges -- we could use some new suggestions, and there are lots of songs out there that fit BSG. And we would love if you promoted this challenge wherever you can - it's always great to get new people involved!